Monday, 30 November 2009

oh marilyn/you and the moon

few new poems i wrote about 10 minutes ago. i feel like i should keep updating this blog because at least then i'm doing something other than dancing around my bedroom and looking at other people's lives on the internet:


oh marilyn, i saw you
in a city i do not know,
vivid and genuine,
thighs, hips and
shoulder blades.
oh marilyn, i saw you
dancing in and out
of hotel rooms,
his bruises
on your neck.
oh marilyn, i saw you
repeating your lines,
and tearing out
your hair;
a timebomb.

and oh marilyn, i saw you
beneath the streetlight,

and i saw your
ugly dreams,
your devil's lisp,
babyfaced and
gagging for it,
the big men with
their big cigars,
thirty minutes
for a bit part,
thirty minutes
for the whole wide world,
starting with beverley hills.


we roasted under
a hundred sunsets

an indifferent
sky woke us

and i remain
and i remain

wherever i go
the moon follows

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