Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Floors of water, baseless.
I chose to snorkel and I snorkelled.
Pescetarian and regretting it,
the ocean surface becomes a ceiling
that I hang on top of, a beetle,
staring into the green room.

Monday, 21 February 2011


If I were a great astronaut
sailing celestial seas
Or a tall and sinewed Tarzan,
or even Hercules,
You could simply waltz back in,
Doing as you please -
And I, at your mercy again,
Would fall down to my knees.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Long days of drought
until I had your absence bottled

and now I shiver
in my crooning majesty

inescapably alive to its scent.

Aware in the darker times
of your brutal hands

and my infant mouth
slurping, gagged, erased -

your absence remains,
beast-like, humming, there.


viut vut

I prize the late night crackle
of your voice on the telephone
without truly wanting you
but needing your speech at midnight.

I imagine you. My logic impeached
by the rattles of my heart
which flutters young, restless,
I have swam your shallow waters.


Somebody is upset. Reckless,
as a wrecking ball I hover
against the vanity cabinet
ready to spit my sympathies.

Yet I draw back, timid.
I am aware of my arrogance
in comparing my miserable trials
to her magnificent break-up.