Monday, 30 November 2009

oh marilyn/you and the moon

few new poems i wrote about 10 minutes ago. i feel like i should keep updating this blog because at least then i'm doing something other than dancing around my bedroom and looking at other people's lives on the internet:


oh marilyn, i saw you
in a city i do not know,
vivid and genuine,
thighs, hips and
shoulder blades.
oh marilyn, i saw you
dancing in and out
of hotel rooms,
his bruises
on your neck.
oh marilyn, i saw you
repeating your lines,
and tearing out
your hair;
a timebomb.

and oh marilyn, i saw you
beneath the streetlight,

and i saw your
ugly dreams,
your devil's lisp,
babyfaced and
gagging for it,
the big men with
their big cigars,
thirty minutes
for a bit part,
thirty minutes
for the whole wide world,
starting with beverley hills.


we roasted under
a hundred sunsets

an indifferent
sky woke us

and i remain
and i remain

wherever i go
the moon follows

Thursday, 19 November 2009


house of masks, godless eyes and ursula, MEATY,

i have loads of ideas in my head at the moment and it's really difficult translating it into some preposterous masterpiece that i've been hiding in my head for 18 years. lol.

"...not saying Ruby's music was so powerful it evoked this tremendous emotion/nostalgia; just that I was sixteen years old and far too aware of my own awkward limbs and acne, and I was at a rich boy's house drinking one of Lee's makeshift cocktails ("It has three spirits in it. No I'm not telling you what ones! OK, one begins with G...") and wearing a mask and tight jeans and a baggy vest and a sequined silver jacket, and one of my best friends was singing in public and wasn't awful, and everyone else in the room was hopefully a few years older than me; my collective paranoias (both Oedipal and post-modern) had me swollen in gratitude to whatever God had sat me down in that sweaty chamber that night and - in short - I was David K Barely, embarrassingly impressionable and absolutely alive."