Tuesday, 17 March 2009

18 Wheeler by P!NK is possibly the best uplifting pop song i've heard this year so far. in other news, i'm bored of most of my clothes and desperately poor. making a nu zine again. black and white, courier new. something to do with anger and protest, because i'm angry as well as lazy and feel like protesting. i often worry i am too naive and uninformed to have my own voice; but then i look at a substantial chunk of my peer group and it seems few people my age care. this is the sort of writing i will look back on in twenty years and laugh at.

in other news, i've rediscovered josef fritzl what with his court case and all. absolutely bizarre. there is precious little more exciting in the news than a man locking his daughter up for 25 years in a secret flat underneath his house and raping her every day. also very intrigued by the various works of art produced in austria that this case has inspired: