Monday, 2 February 2009

ABBA - The Winner Takes It All

i might be flogging a dead horse here, but ABBA are still possibly the greatest band since - i don't know - since a long time. ABBA Gold was the first album i ever bought, back in year 3 or something. i always feel slightly sorry for Anni-Frid because she's a bit of a over-permed dog compared to Agnetha, who is absolutely amazing in her performance of this song. i can't really wait until they are all dead, because i'm hungry for an ABBA biopic and i have a feeling the only reason there hasn't yet been one is because stupid old bjorn is holding onto the rights: but just imagine how good it would be. this song (voted Britian's favourite break-up song by Channel 5, apparently, ha) must have been hard for agnetha to sing, cos it's obviously about her breaking up with bjorn. he moved out of their family home on christmas day, 1978. i mean, ouch. the vid's also worth watching for the post-Annie Hall men's tailoring.

anyway, it's snowing and college has been cancelled so i should probably go and enjoy the outside world.

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