Monday, 12 January 2009

eco soc pol

i read somewhere that everytime a recession hits, someone remakes brideshead revisited; i think it's the same thing with me and making blogs. i'll create one when i'm feeling vaguely creative/pretentious, spend about an hour agonising over the URL name for it, get bored changing the layout around, and then use the new blog excessively for about two days, posting a new blog every other hour, with a confused notion in my head that perhaps i'll receive some sort of gratification/satisfaction from talking into the big wide empty cyberspace. of course what always happens is that the various blogs i've started became ignored and quietly vanished into the murky black holes of the internet.

i guess i'm starting yet another blog because i'm having an accidental gap year, and with most of my friends talking about university offers, or lack thereof, and most of my old best friends living miles and miles away from me, a blog (i hate the word "blog") could possibly be beneficial.

i have no idea where to start. it's twenty to two in the morning, and i was browsing the guardian website. i just stumbled upon a new article uploaded sometime after midnight - waterstone's is axing 200 jobs; staff are to be told this morning. i guess it sums up how bizarre modern life is that i can sit here in the comfort of my room, 17 years old and about as naive, finding out rapidly about bigwig decisions that will in 8 hours leave 200 people upset and unemployed.

i don't understand the credit crunch or inflation but (this sounds very stupid) the political/economic/social climate we live in at the moment makes me want to sit down and cry quite a lot of the time, sincerely. every other day or so there's another announcement of 1000 jobs vanishing just like that. i guess i should be happy because it's the "death of capitalism" but the truth is i have to love capitalism as much as the next middle class teenager. i'm stating the obvious so i'm going to go, i don't know, think about icelandic banks and cry myself to sleep or something. over and out.

film: the Science of Sleep; poem: Many Loves - allen ginsberg; song: Sad Little Moon - the magnetic fields.

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