Friday, 25 June 2010

"despite my circus tricks" procrastination: revised from old diary scrawl

despite my circus tricks,
contortions, rituals,
my omens and magic spells,
the reinventions (husband,
shaman, harlot, ghoul)

you would rather think of
me as spotless, clean,
patient; an altogether
better creature, a passive
life form, pristine,

devoid of priorities,
devoid of blood, guts,
bowels, bones. a eunuch,
bent over, in prayer in
one way or the other,

yet if i were flawless,
i'd also be bound; i
wouldn't shout, shriek,
fear that you'd made me
a pedestal, a dinosaur,

so break the shackles
with the butcher's saw,
and let my pulp heart go,
for it beats far better
unfettered, alone -