Thursday, 31 December 2009

new year's resolutions 2010

1. smoke only roll-ups

2. taste blood and guts in everything

3. get more sleep at more appropriate times

4. 20,000 words

5. read only one book at a time and start only one book at a time: for example, i shall finish "beyond black" before opening "the death of the heart," no matter how tempting the synopsis seems

6. keep rockin' the quiff

7. save (some) money

8. read up on greek myths, and casually slip intelligent-sounding references to them into conversation/writing

9. keep dancing like a shaman/drunk in public without fear or vomit

10. live strong always

11. regret/accept/continue

12. buy that marilyn monroe boxset i saw in hmv last week if it's still there as it was a really good deal

13. read more biographies

14. work on a new smile because my genuine smile leaves me looking like an unfortunate blind person also blighted by down's syndrome. however do not be afraid to genuinely smile (and thus look like a spastic) if having THAT wild a time

15. self-respect is more fun and more cool than loss of dignity at the expense of vodka/men/enemies

16. write stupid shit like this either more or less often, i'm not sure.

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